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The Imaginary: A Phenomenological Psychology of the Imagination - Jean Paul Sartre - SGD27

Publisher: ROUTLEDGE
Published: 01 March 2004
Format: Paperback 288 pages
ISBN 13: 9780415287555

‘We may therefore conclude that imagination is not an empirical power added to consciousness, but it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes its freedom.’ – Jean-Paul Sartre . Sartre’s L’Imaginaire was first published in French in 1940 and in English in 1948. This new translation, the first for over fifty years, is of the recent French edition revised by Arlette Elkaim-Sartre. It corrects many important mistakes in the earlier English translation and includes a new introduction by Jonathan Webber, placing the book in a contemporary context. The Imaginary is one of Sartre’s most important works and an ideal introduction to his thought. It is a brilliant and lucid examination of one supposedly simple human act: the act of imagining something. Sartre’s genius is to show that between this act and the world that imagination creates, lies nothing less than a new theory of of human consciousness. The book contains Sartre’s devastating criticisms of scientific psychology and he presents, for the first time, the radical theories of consciousness and human freedom that were to appear a few years later in his magnum opus, Being and Nothingness. Considering the role of the imagination and the emotions, such as disgust, Sartre argues that it is because human beings can imagine or think of things as they are not , that they are ultimately free. The Imaginary is essential reading for anyone interested in Sartre, exitentialism, phenomenology, twentieth century philosophy and philosophy of mind.

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