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Out of the Shelter - David Lodge - SGD15

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Published: 24 April 1986
Format: Paperback 288 pages
ISBN 13: 9780140083750

The restrictions of a wartime childhood in London and subsequent post-war shortages have done little to enrich Timothy’s early youth. But everything changes when Timothy’s glamorous older sister, Kath, invites him to spend the summer at Heidelberg. Kath, who left home long ago to work for the American army, introduces her sixteen year-old brother to a lifestyle that is deliriously fast, furious and extravagant. Dazzled by the indulgent habits of the American forces, but at the same time sensitive to the broken spirits of the German community, Timothy will find that his holiday is an unforgettable rite of passage in more ways than one.

Condition: Good as new, with natural paper yellowing.

Original Price: Approx. SGD26

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